Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

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Today was a pretty exciting day, because it was the very first out-of-the-city trip with the new camper...!

Granted, it was only up to Sun City and back, to grab a secondhand mattress that would soon become the camper bed. The coordinates for the photos are 33.77554,-112.236907; these photos were taken from the 303 loop, as the sun was setting over the Peoria Regional Preserve on the north side of the city. But..! It did give me a chance to break in the wheel bearings a little bit, get some highway driving under my belt, and put a few dozen miles on the trailer.

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Today's route on the mattress-retrieval mission, up to Sun City, and back to town.

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The Yaris (plus camper trailer) in front of the Peoria Regional Preserve at sundown.

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The sun sets on East Wing Mountain.

Total miles today: 60.6 miles.
Total miles logged so far: About 100.

Next up: A spontaneous journey north, for the first bona-fide road trip/camping excursion with the camper. I wonder where the road will take me next...?

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